How to Select Featured Articles on the Homepage

Updated on September 6, 2023

How to select featured articles on the homepage depends on whether you have an Affiliate24 PRO theme or a regular theme.

We’ll show you how this works with both options.

Selecting featured articles with a regular Affiliate24 theme

With a regular Affiliate24 theme there are two ways to pick your featured articles for the homepage:

  • Select them by category
  • Select them by tag

We’d recommend you select them by tag (do make sure to no index the tag with your SEO plugin, however).

First, select the featured post block. Then pick the tag you want to use for for this post block. The easiest will be to add a tag named “featured” to the posts you’d like to see appear on the homepage.

Filtering posts by tag with Affiliate24

Selecting featured articles with an Affiliate24 PRO theme

With an Affiliate24 PRO theme things work a bit differently. It makes use of a premium Kadence block which lets you pick articles individually.

Filtering posts individually with Affiliate24.

So you won’t have to work with tags or categories.