Why Affiliate24?

Affiliate marketing has many moving parts. Writing great content, the ins and outs of on-page SEO, link building. Then of top of that there’s the need to put together a fast, well-designed website that converts well and passes Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Building such a site can take months. It’s a lot of time that you might want to spend on other things. This is where my templates come in. Use them as a starting point for your affiliate sites and bypass countless hours of tinkering and research.

I use these templates for all of my own affiliate websites, so I can be confident I’ve got a lightning fast affiliate website with CRO baked in.

The way these templates came about was by experimenting with what converts best, loads the fastest, and by injecting a ton of insights from the likes of Matt Diggity and other great affiliate marketers.

About Joost

I’m the guy behind Affiliate24. I run a portfolio of affiliate websites and develop websites for clients. I’m based in Amsterdam. In a previous life I worked as a Product Manager, CPO and CEO in the tech industry.

I’m basically just a big nerd who loves everything internet-related. In my teens I ran one of the biggest videogame websites of the Netherlands. I’m an avid gamer who loved grinding away on RPGs (I’ve replayed Pokémon Red probably 10 times as a kid or more), which might explain why I chose affiliate marketing as a career path. 😉

Besides this, my interests include exercising, traveling and cooking.

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