Lightning Fast, Fully Customizable WordPress Themes for Affiliate Sites

Specifically designed for affiliate marketers and niche site owners. Powered by Kadence.

Make Building Your Affiliate Site a Breeze

No more need to spend countless hours on design, tech and getting perfect Google PageSpeed scores.

Build-in CRO

The Affiliate24 themes have conversion rate optimization baked in to help you maximize click-throughs and conversions.

Blazing Fast

With the Affiliate24 themes you can get mobile PageSpeed scores of 95+ in the snap of a finger. Pass Core Web Vitals with ease.

Page Templates

Product round-ups (“best X for Y”), product reviews, home, about and contact – all important affiliate site pages have been pre-designed.

An example of an Affiliate24 round-up page.

Ready-To-Use Designs

Showcase the products you’re promoting with ease. Pages are designed for both skimming and thorough reading, catering to any kind of audience.

There’s no more need to spend months designing affiliate pages to figure out what converts. The Affiliate24 designs have been battle-tested for years, so you can start earning straight away at your full potential.

All they need is some good content and you’re good to go. Check out some of our demo sites here and here.

Fully Customizable

Customize the Affiliate24 themes in pretty much any way you can imagine.

You can change the entire color palette or typography of your website in a couple of clicks. Plus, you can adjust the page templates and individual elements in whichever way you wish with the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Affiliate24 gives you as much flexibility, functionality and design freedom as a page builder like Elementor or Divi, without adding any bloat to your site.

Future Proof

Affiliate24 and Kadence are build around the WordPress Gutenberg editor. This leads to insanely fast page speeds.

Not only does this make passing Google’s Core Web Vitals a breeze, but it will also increase conversions on your affiliate site.

Gutenberg nowadays is the backbone of WordPress and it’s only getting better. Using it as the foundation for your website will future-proof your site and will ensure you’ll be ready for the years ahead.

Hi, Joost Here!

I’m the guy behind Affiliate24. For the last few years I’ve been running a portfolio of affiliate websites. In a previous life I worked as a Product Manager and CEO in the tech industry.

I’ve seen many affiliate marketers struggle with the tech and design side of things. How do you pass Core Web Vitals? What does a good product comparison page look like? How do you design an affiliate site that evokes trust and converts?

This is why I started Affiliate24. With the themes you’ll find here you don’t have to worry about these things anymore, so you can focus 100% on the success of your affiliate business.

Get All the Support You Need

  • Documentation. Step-by-step guides and videos on how to install the Affiliate24 themes, adjust the header and footer, adjust the color palette and much more.
  • Personal support. Need help? We’re just an email away.
  • Blog. We go over our favorite plugins, web hosting for affiliate marketing, web design, copywriting, how to keep your site fast and much more.

What People Think

I wish I would’ve had access to Joost’s affiliate themes years ago. They’ve saved me so much time and helped me increase my revenue with 32%. Plus, I finally passed Google’s Core Web Vitals with ease!
Hans Buis
The Affiliate24 themes are well-designed, easy to use and cover everything you need for your affiliate site. I love how it let me ditch half my plugins. ToC’s, product boxes, pros and cons designs – it’s all there.
Tom Berger

Frequently Asked Questions

The Affiliate24 themes are build on top of the popular Kadence framework. They are Kadence child themes.

Think of a child theme as a “done-for-you” website. The Affiliate24 child themes come with pre-designed page templates and blocks, a unique set of settings in the WordPress customizer and custom CSS.

This means you get to start publish content right away without having to spend countless hours on setting all of this up yourself.    

Kadence is with 200.000+ active installs one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world, and among affiliate marketers it’s arguably the most used WordPress theme. The theme has a free version which blows most paid themes out of the water.

What makes it great for affiliate marketing is that it is equal parts fast, flexible and well-designed.

Setting up an Affiliate24 theme on your site is super easy. Upon purchasing a theme, you’ll receive a set of instructions which basically boil down to:

  1. Install the Kadence theme
  2. Upload the Affiliate24 theme to your site
  3. Activate it

That’s all there is to it. The entire process takes less than 3 minutes.

Updates run through the Kadence theme. Since our themes haven’t altered the Kadence codebase in any way, you don’t have to worry about anything breaking if you update the Kadence theme.

Only the Affiliate24 templates marked with PRO require the paid version of Kadence. The PRO templates will not function without the paid version of Kadence. The PRO templates contain more functionality and more different page templates than the regular themes.

You can. However, keep in mind that installing a template will mean all your Customizer settings and custom CSS get overwritten.

If you use Affiliate24 on an existing website, always make sure to do so on a staging version of your site and spend ample time on testing.

We’re probably a bit biased, but we’d say yes. Our themes have been build on top of Kadence, which is extremely user friendly. We also offer video documentation that show you how to set things up step-by-step (installing a theme shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes). Plus, we’re just an email away if you need help.

We’ve had multiple people test the templates who never touched WordPress beforehand. Without exception they got their site up and running in no-time, with no difficulties.

All templates are perfectly suited for ecommerce. They work great with WooCommerce or any other webshop plugin on WordPress.

You can use the themes on as many websites as you like. There are no complicated license systems in place or anything which blocks you from using it as extensively as you like.

There are no recurring payments. Buying an Affiliate24 theme means getting lifetime access.

Let’s Get Started

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