Introducing: Affiliate24 Authority

After launching Affiliate24 Authority PRO, it’s now time to introduce the version of this template which doesn’t require the Kadence Pro theme. Instead, it’s been build specifically for the free version of Kadence. Though I believe that the Pro version of Kadence really lets my templates shine, the truth is that it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

Especially if you’re just starting with your affiliate journey, it might not be worth shelling out this kind of money just to get your site up.

Affiliate24 Authority looks every bit as good as it’s PRO counterpart. I believe it truly gives you a leg up on 99% of affiliate marketers out there.

Here’s everything that you need to know about Affiliate24 Authority.


I’ll let these PageSpeed scores do the talking:

Affiliate24 Authority PRO PageSpeed scores

I’ve pulled these scores from a production website with a full stack of plugins, including Rank Math.

Obviously these type of scores don’t tell the full story when it comes to speed: sometimes page speed scores like these don’t align at all with what users actually experience when they’re clicking through your website (*ahem* NitroPack). In this case however, PageSpeed scores and actual user experience are fully in sync: it feels just as fast in the real world as these scores would suggest.

Now let’s be honest here: I myself had very little to do with accomplishing these killer speed scores. All credits go to:

You might have come across SEO/affiliate marketing influencers selling expensive speed optimization courses. If you’re using this template for your website, there is zero need for that. It’s lightning fast straight out of the box. No further tweaking required, apart from installing a caching plugin.

Page templates

I’ve gone all out when it comes to page templates to ensure there’s something that suits your particular project.

Take a look for instance at the different homepages:

Or the round-up post variations:

And the individual product review pages:

All of these pages have Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) baked in. When building them, I drew extensively from both my own tests to see what kind of design converts best, as well as some of the best-designed affiliate websites out there.

Combine these templates with some killer copy, and see your revenues soar.

Changes vs. Authority PRO

Here’s how Affiliate24 Authority differs from Affiliate24 Authority PRO:

  • There are only 2 instead of 4 homepage templates
  • There’s no mega menu
  • There’s no affiliate disclaimer above your site’s header
  • No custom category pages
  • No infinite scroll on archive pages
  • Some speed optimizations are missing, such as gravatars loading from your server

In conclusion, I think Affiliate24 Authority is an excellent choice for affiliate marketers who find Kadence Pro to be too much of an investment.

Check it out for yourself here.

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