Installing an Affiliate24 site template

1. Set up a fresh WordPress website (although it is possible to install it on an existing WordPress site as well – when you do this however, always do so on a staging site and test extensively to see if everything works well).

2. Install the Kadence theme via Appearance >> Themes but do not activate the theme.

3. Upload (through the “Upload Theme” button) and install the Affiliate24 zip file. Activate this one.

4. Click on Plugins >> Install Kadence Starter Templates (blue button).

5. Then pick the option on the left-hand side, “Affiliate24”.

6. And then click on Start Importing

That’s it. The template is now installed.

Keep in mind: you’ll need to keep the Kadence theme installed at all times on your website, as that is the parent theme on which this template is dependent.